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The Hanno SaMD Playbook

How we build digital health products

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All of us are likely to encounter the world of digital health at some point in our lives, and these encounters could be some of the most crucial digital experiences we live through.

But it doesn’t take much digging to discover that a lot of digital health products are poorly designed and built, especially when compared with the slick experiences we’ve come to expect from other areas of our digital lives.

Given the additional complexities and regulations associated with building software that will directly impact health and wellbeing, it’s easy to see why many of these products fall short of people’s expectations.

At Hanno, we’ve built a team, tools, process and culture that combines our experience of designing consumer-facing experiences with our knowledge of the medical space. We believe this enables us to meet this challenge and build digital health products that can be held to the highest standards.

This Playbook is an overview of that process—we’ve written it primarily for ourselves, but we’re publishing it openly so that others can see how we design and build software as a medical device (SaMD). We hope it plays a humble role in our industry’s wider efforts to meet the growing expectations and demands for digital health services.